Nineteenth Time

Origine > Asie

  • Ancien Joli Flacon Tabatiere China Epoque Xix
  • Chinese Sculpted Wood Box, China, Age 19th
  • Former Small Asian Bronze Of Period Xix
  • Ancienne Boite In Laque Japan Meiji Coqille Oeuf Birds Or Epoque Xix
  • Japanese Cabinet, Lacquered Wood And Porcelain Emaillea, Epoque End 19th
  • Vietnam Mirror Psychic Basculant Wood Sculpted & Incrustation Mother Of Pearl Age 19th
  • Covered Box, Massive Silver, Cambodia, Epoque End Xixth/beginning Xxth
  • Encrier Monkey Lettré Japan & Asia Epoque Xixème Meiji Antique Japanese Inkwell
  • Beautiful Asiatic Sculpture In School 19th
  • Pair Of Chinese Vase Cloisoned Era Xixth
  • Cabinet Decor Lacquered Box Mount Fuji And Paon Japan Era Xixth
  • Ancient Frame Photo A Decor Japanese Bamboo Landscape Birds Sign 19th Time
  • Old Photo Frame Decor A Japanese Landscape Flowers Birds Sign Time Xix
  • China Old Pair Of Glasses In Their Case In Green Galuchat Time Xix
  • Pair Of Perfume Bottle Charles X 1830 Uranium Glass Crystal Glass Xix
  • Old Paint Box Eggshell Birds Japan Time Xix Meiji
  • Old Water Pipe A Opium In China Cloisonne Period End Xix