Nineteenth Time

Matière > Cristal

  • Pair Of Louis Xv Dappliques Three Arms Pampilles Bronze & Crystal Nineteenth Time
  • Pair Girandoles Epoque Nineteenth
  • Box Box Old Crystal Yellow Size Charles X Period Xix
  • Ceramic Vase Middle East, Persia, End Of Period Eighteenth Early Nineteenth
  • Pair Of Perfume Bottle Charles X 1830 Uranium Glass Crystal Glass Xix
  • Lamp Oil Athenian Bronze And Crystal Heads Rams Epoque Empire Xix
  • Oil Lamp In Athenian Bronze And Crystal Heads Rams Empire Period Xixth
  • Vase Soliflore Bronze And Crystal Baccarat Epoque Xix Eme
  • Militaria Ottoman Bandolier Brass Repoussé Early Nineteenth Time