Nineteenth Time

Matière > Argent

  • Pendant Cross Reliquary Silver Religion Epoque Xix Antique Cross Reliquary
  • Calice And Patène Silver Massive Vermeil Period 19th Religiosa Antique Chalice
  • Massive Silver Ostensoir Punch Minerve Era 19th Century
  • Silver Box And Vermeil And Lapis Lazuli Period 19th Century
  • Sugar Silver Punch Neck Brace Goldsmith Desire Mousset Time Nineteenth Century
  • Russian Enameled Box Xixth Money
  • Russian Box Embossed Silver And Inlaid Xixth
  • Russian Enamelled Silver Box Nineteenth Time
  • Old Pyxide Travel Hosties Custod Silver Massive Epoque Empire Debut Xix Th