Nineteenth Time

Thème > Mythologie, Religion

  • Vanity Memento Mori Bronze Skull With Moving Jaw 19th Century Nap. 3
  • Religious Statue Carved Wood Saint John Xix Century Period Religiosa
  • Pair Of Centaurs Furietti Bronze Patina In Ancient Times Xix
  • Santon Grand Crib Representative Joseph Era Nineteenth Height 63cm
  • Santon Grand Representative Marie Nursery Time Nineteenth Height 63cm
  • Joan Of Arc Hippolyte Moreau Regulates On Marble Cherry Nineteenth Time
  • Super Seal Chinese Steatite Xix, Remarkable Work
  • Ancient Sculpture Xixth Century Bust Bronze Diane Chasseress
  • Large Reliquary, Gilded And Silvered Bronze Sculpture Xixth
  • Bronze Patina Old Woman Draped Age Xix