Nineteenth Time

Style > Louis Xv

  • Pair Of Chandeliers, Bronze Candlesticks Chiseled In Louis Xv Style, 19th Century Period
  • Golden Stucco Ear Frame At The End Of 19th Century
  • Frame With Wooden Ears And Gilded Stucco At The End Of The 19th Century
  • Antique Gilded Frame, Epoch Xix
  • Epoque Xixe Siècle Incrier Rocaille In Bronze Style Louis Xv Marked Comic
  • Louis Xv Style Cow In Walnut Era Xixth
  • Bronze Chancellors Violet Leduc Era Xixth (pair)
  • Bronze Lamp Chandelier At The End Of The 19th Century
  • Italian Mirror In 19th Century Gilded Wooden Rock Style
  • Mirror Gilded Stucco Period Louis Philippe 19th
  • Pair Of Bedside Louis Xv Style Walnut Xixth
  • Bed Louis Xv Style Walnut Sofa Period Late Nineteenth
  • Old Mirror Magnificent Wooden Gilded Louis Xv Style Xixth
  • Grand Old Mirror Wood And Stucco Gilded Era Louis Xv Style Xix
  • Old Clock Bronze Louis Xv, Xix, Time Napoleon Iii