Nineteenth Time

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  • Sun-shaped Dial-in Compass Of Wood Pocket - Polychrome Paper Science Period 19th
  • Dagger Of Vertu Pene Style So Pique Couilles Defense 19th Century
  • Sèvres Porcelain Box With Gallant Scenes And Landscapes From The 19th Century
  • Cast Iron Chest Victorian Epoch Bauche S. G. G. God And My Right Xixeme
  • Old Model Stockman Period Xix Napoleon Iii Period
  • Sextant Instrument Marine Navigation Xixth
  • Old Period End Balance Trebuchet Xviii Xix Beginning Monetary Weight
  • English Writing Case Mahogany Walnut Marquetry Decor Flowers Nineteenth Time
  • Globe Terrestre House Delamarche Paris Plaster And Wood Time Xixth Century